Love Everyone. Pray for Everyone.

We're back from our little family vacation. We had such a wonderful time of relaxing and just spending time together connecting as a family. We played games, went to beach, watched movies (my kids are now Back to the Future junkies!), read books, and just enjoyed all the blessings God poured out on us that week.

I spent some great time with God and I'm really excited by all that I see him doing in my life privately and what I see happening at our church. I really feel that God is going to do some great things.

One of the things that hit me in my quiet time is how grateful and thankful am I of the previous church were I served as the associate pastor. While studying the book of Colossians I was reminded of one of the qualities of the senior pastor that greatly admired. He was really great at keeping us on track to love and pray for people. He wouldn't let us as a staff get frustrated and annoyed with people but always pulled us back to love and pray for everyone. I REALLY admired him for that, especially since I know he must have had his fair share of frustrations and annoyances in ministry.

In ministry it's WAY too easy to get annoyed and frustrated, especially when it may look like your church isn't doing well, or when there are lots of struggles. Colossians really reminded to continue praying for everything and everybody! Paul didn't let the struggles in his church get to him... and neither will I.

Paul said "We always pray for you" and we as followers of Jesus must follow that example. Always pray for you!


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