What a Week!!

WOW!!! This was the kind of week that really PUMPS ME UP as a church leader! I was meeting with leaders from our church, leaders in the community, leaders from leading nation wide ministries, members from our church and people from the community. And all I can say about all of it is:


God has some pretty big plans for us as a church this fall. I'm so excited and encouraged by all the wonderful comments and feedback from everyone I'm talking with. I'm so excited to put our regroup efforts into place to really help us be a church that is bringing Jesus to people! I'm so excited.... and so humbled to be part of such a loving and passionate group of people.

Next week I'm relaxing all alone with my wife and kids. I'm so looking forward to just hanging and playing with them next week.

Then when we get back it will be to hit the ground running! Talk to you then!


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