Get Out There and Love Someone!

You may or may not know that I'm big on doing the One Year Bible reading. I find this just such a great way to ensure that I'm getting my nose into the Bible on a very regular basis. Sure, I don't end up doing it every day... but this schedule does get me reading very very regularly for my own personal growth instead of just reading so I can teach something to someone else.

In this morning's reading was one of those verses which gets me all excited.

But while knowledge makes us feel important, it is love that strengthens the
I've talked with so many people who put such a HUGE importance on Christian knowledge (Bible studies, expository preaching, conferences, Adult Sunday School, etc, etc) so that we can "show" people the truth of God. Now, this is important stuff and I think you should go after more knowledge... but this verse reminds us that this knowledge is not what is going to strengthen and build the church. This knowledge can in fact do nothing more cause people to think that we think we're better then them. Come on, admit it, our knowledge of Scripture can sure make us feel good sometimes... and even cause us to look down on those who don't know anything about God's Word. It's not our head knowledge that will be used to build God's church... but rather our love! Our love for each other, our love for our neighbour, our love for our enemies. This is what will change the world!

So next time an atheist comes up to you and tells you that you believe in a fairy tale and that the Bible is definitely not reliable because some best selling book says so, instead of hitting back with your knowledge, give him a big hug instead! After the look of shock leaves his face treat him to a coffee and donut and ask him about his family, his job, his life and tell him that you'd like to pray for him regularly. Let me know how that works out for you :-)


Robin said…
Yeah! Good word!

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