I LOVE This Guy!

I was just leafing through the latest issue of Christian Week (the Ontario edition) and saw this article about Drew Marshall, the "Canada's most listened to Christian radio talk show host". I don't really listen to all that much Christian radio so I figured I'd check out this guy's website.

I haven't listened to his show yet... but I did check out his appearance on 100 Huntley Street (which was deleted from their website, but thankfully it's on YouTube). I just love this guy! I love people who are so open to admit that they don't have all the answered to who God is and so open about their struggles in life. This guy definitely does that in spades! And I love the fact that he firmly believes that "Cultural Christianity is KILLING US!". Ever since I first read that expression, Cultural Christian, in the book Man in the Mirror, I know that that was exactly what I NEVER wanted to be.

So, if you like a little excitement in your life as you follow Jesus, check out Drew Marshall's blog and radio show. I just added them on my "must read/listen" list!


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