I Won't Be Conformed Any More

I'm a hugger. Yes. I admit it. Nothing makes my day more then a good huge from a good friend. Hand shakes are for strangers and business deals. Hugs are for friends.

This weekend being back in Montreal I sure got my fill of great hugs when talking with great friends from the different ministries we were involved with back there. Today I feel like a million bucks and pumped and excited about kicking off this new ministry year! And I'm sure that it from feeling God's love for me through the hugs of these friends!

Now, here in our new home of Ontario... well... people don't hug. I guess Montrealers are just more lovie-dovie :) So, today I'm taking the Bible verse Romans 12:2 to heart! The verse says
"Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world"
So, if the pattern of this Ontario world is not to hug... well then... I'm not going to conform to it any longer! I'm going to continue to show the world the love of Jesus the best way I know how... to simply hug someone who needs it and to great my friends with a hug.

I'll guess we'll see how many friends I have left after this hugging ministry gets started :)


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