Monday Morning Brain Dump

With my week off finished and my body hurting from painting all afternoon yesterday, I'm heading into this new week with a flurry of activity up in my head...
  • It felt quite weird being back in the downtown core of Montreal last week. Even though I worked there for 15 years I actually felt out of place... almost like a tourist.
  • Spending a few days at my mom's was very relaxing. Being in a house with only dial up internet was a great way to force me to not be checking my email every 15 minutes :)
  • Pastor Joel in Montreal is an evil tempter :) Trying to get me to move back to Montreal for a job at our church there was tempting for about 0.7 seconds.
  • I'm have a TON things to get working on this week at the church. I'm excited to get to it. The trick will be to prioritise over the next couple of weeks.
  • I have my staff evaluation next week... don't know why but that's making me a tad nervous... probably because it's my first one at the church...
  • I really REALLY want to get my basement finished this week. I have one more coat of primer paint that needs to go on. Then I need to pick out a carpet, then paint the final color.
  • We'll be back in Montreal in two weeks for a wedding. Looking forward to that.
  • 388 items in my blogroll to read this morning! I think I'll be going through that quickly.
  • Only 55 emails at the church. Not bad. Most are ads for Bible study material so those can be quickly archived.
  • It was great to be back at Woodside yesterday. Andrew and the worship team did a super job. Gord's message was fantastic.

Time to head out and grab my morning coffee.


Robin said…
Glad you had a good trip.

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