Battlestar Galatica Season 3 on DVD Today!!

YES!!!! FINALLY!!!! I will definitely be fighting the urge to run to Futureshop all day today! Season 3 of Battlestar Galactica is now out on DVD. The only thing keeping me from running out and buying it is the fact that my birthday is a couple of weeks and I always feel guilty buying stuff for myself around that time... I'm kinda weird that way :-) Actually, I guess I'm kind of weird in a lot of ways!

I've been watching the occasional episode of season 3 on the Space channel on Sunday evenings (when I actually remember it) so I'm really pumped about getting caught up in the series. This has definitely become my favorite show on TV... far surpassing Heroes and even coming close to being right up there with The X-Files.

We'll see how long the desire to get this can be fought... Considering I'll be driving right past TWO Futureshop stores and one BestBuy on my way to school tonight this should be quite the challenge :-)


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