Brain Dump

The last few days have been a real blast and a real whirlwind! Hard to believe that this weekend is Easter already. Hopefully that means it's just a few more weeks of snow and spring will kick in!

So here's a Tuesday morning brain dump on much ado about nothing...
  • Last weekend I went to Chatham, Ontario with the Elmira Theatre Company to put on our show, Ten Times Two, at the 2008 Western Ontario Drama League Festival. Our show absolutely rocked!! The cast and crew were TOP NOTCH! We came home with a bunch of awards, but not the grand winning "Best Production" award... so that means we won't be going on in the competition up in North Bay later next month. Oh well. It's not about the awards but the love and joy of theatre :-)

  • I'm just a few weeks short of finishing school for another semester. I've really enjoyed this class on Intro to Preaching and have learn of ton of stuff that I'm already using in my ministry here at Woodside... so that's a nice added bonus.

  • I have a ton of stuff at the church going on right now... I'll post about one in particular a little later on today if I get the chance. Lot of really cool things happening that I'm really pumped up about! I'm exciting to see how God is going to work in all of this!

  • World of Warcraft is officially addictive! Don't think I'll continue past my 2 week trial though... just wastes too much time walking around from quest to quest... Last night I wasted an hour of my life just walking around trying to find some giant spiders to kill. I could have done that in my garage in 5 minutes :-)

  • Hopefully in the next couple of weeks I'll have another Guys Night on the Wii at my place. I want to pick up the new Brawl game. That should be a lot of fun.

  • The last few weeks I've been sleeping great! I'm going to go on a limb and say it must be due to the fact that I stopped drinking coffee after 6pm.

  • This week I want to start up on my exercise program... I've slacked off over the winter because the Bowflex gym I'm using is in the garage and it's freezing in there!


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