Manga Messiah!

I receive a ton of mail here at the church. I'm always getting catalogues for resources, Bible study samples, brochures, etc, etc. I be honest, it can actually be quite overwhelming going over all of it and trying to figure out which ones I should give my limited amount of time to and explored deeper.

Well, today I probably received the most interesting mail since all year.

Today I received a copy of "Manga Messiah" from The Bible League of Canada. This is a retelling of the story of Jesus, illustrated in the highly popular Japanese "Manga" comic style art form. The comic is produced by Next Manga.

Just quickly going over this book I'm hugely impressed! I love the heading on the cover "Has he come to Save the world... or Destroy it?". Very cool! :) I'm not a huge Manga fan... it's not my favorite art style... this one is not as "crazy" as some other manga books I've seen in the past. I also like how they use the ancient Hebrew names like Yeshua, Yosef and Miryam. I always found that to find the setting better... I also like the fact that on the bottom of each page they put the scripture references of where that part of the story happens in the Bible.

The Bible League of Canada is making these available for $5.95 each if you order 48 copies or more. I'll have to chat with our Youth Pastor when he gets back from vacation to see if this is something he could use.


Robin said…
The question is, though, is it available in Japanese?
Kevin said…
Good question! I'll shoot off an email to their sales department and ask for you.
Kevin said…
Heard from the publisher yesterday... there is not a Japanese version. That was a tad surprising.
Anonymous said…
While the original was made by Japanese in Japanese, the English version was published first. The Japanese text is presently being refined and by January the Japanese version will be on the market.


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