Brain Dump

Man oh man what a crazy week! Thankfully I was able to spend ALL day yesterday and all afternoon today just completely vegging out with the family! That certainly did the body good!
  • I'm never going to McDonald's again. I finally saw the film Super Size Me... and I was just floored with it. I probably go twice a week... and that's just got to stop.
  • Vegging out with my wife and kids this weekend has been great. I'm just crazy in love with them!
  • I want to continue to just be crazy in love with God too! I NEVER want to become a typical, sit in my pew Christian. Whether I'm a pastor to the end of my days or not... I want to continually be challenged and stretched and pushed to the limit so that I need to rely on God just to survive it! I want everyone to know me as a guy who loves God and loves his neighbour as himself. Since that's supposed to be the greatest commandment that's how I want to be judged.
  • Thursday I wrote my seminary midterm exam. It was on the ENTIRE Old Testament! Not just the content, but also the political, geographical and historical aspects of it as well. It was 100 questions and most required writing out short answers. 55 of them I'm 100% sure I got right. There a large number of "I think it's right", a few total guesses, and 3 questions I didn't even try to answer! So... I should pass it :)
  • Can't believe the Christmas decorations are up in restaurants and malls already. Uggh!
  • My mother-in-law is still recovering well from her bypass surgery. Her blood results came back with her hemoglobin being low... so keep on praying for her recovery.
  • I'm so glad I started reading comic books again. After more then 10 years of a break it's like hanging out with old friends... sad... I know :)
  • I need a winter hobby. I hate winter... so maybe if I found something to focus on during these next few months that would help it go faster. Maybe I'll start watching hockey... and I'll route for the Montreal Canadians... just to drive the Toronto fans here crazy!


Anonymous said…
Anytime you want to go snowboarding, let me know.
- Jeff Brubacher
Kevin said…
snowboarding sounds like a death wish to me :) I have the balance and coordination of road kill...

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