I hate Internet Explorer!!

ARRGGHHH!!! Since my last Windows Update Internet Explorer is gone crazy on me. I can't click links in my emails... can't open additional tabs... it keeps telling me that the popup blocker is on. Then I go in the settings and see that it's turned off...

I'm done fighting with this stupid thing. I'm going back to Firefox.

If only I could get my hands on a free Notes client... then I'd get rid of this Outlook thingy as well :)


Mike said…
Firefox rocks!
Google probably has something to replace Outlook:)
Anonymous said…
I agree. Firefox is an improvement over IE. But if you really want a good computer experience, brother, you need to get a Mac! I switched last year and have never looked back.
Kevin said…
I'm hoping that the next Wii software update will fully support a USB keyboard... then I'll just use that for my email and web browsing :)

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