It's a "Yes"

The vote for the building expansion is done. 80% of the votes where YES to move forward with the project. Tomorrow the fun begins :-)

Now, I have a year of stewardship campaign and a year of construction to get a couple of the major ministries fully organized: small groups, welcome and evangelism. Yup, going to be very fun!


cdndave said…
What does this mean for you? I mean how does this impact your life?

I know you said you had some worries about this happening...

Kevin said…
Not so much worries... now it's going to be key to get certain ministries running a lot better then they are now (like Welcome Team and Small Groups).

Thankfully it will be a couple of years before the expansion is actually open so that gives more then enough time to get cracking on these changes. Already started this morning :)

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