Three Things I LOVE about Blogging

Seeing as how I'm at home vegging out today, I've spent a fair bit of time cleaning up my emails, getting caught up in blog reading, and going over old posts from my blog. This has been quite an interesting morning and really got me thinking about why I bother blogging and reading blogs. I came up with three main reasons why I love doing this.
  1. Through blogs I've had the opportunity to meet some great people. I've chatted with so many different people - some with the same interests in technology, some who love the same comics I do, some who believe in Jesus like I do, some who want nothing to do with religion, some who follow complete different forms of spirituality and some from complete different parts of the world - and I've really enjoyed and appreciated every thought and idea that these people bring. How else could I possibly meet so many diverse people?

  2. Blogging has allowed me to LEARN so much more then I could have on my own. There are so many talented people sharing great ideas out there... whether it's in technology or in ministry. I know that blogs have saved my butt while working as a Lotus Notes consultant. I've found tons of great tips on blogs. And I'm sure that the same will happen here as a pastor :-)

  3. My blog has been a great reminder to me on how incredibly blessed am I! Just going over some the posts from the last year has been such a fantastic reminder on the journey that God has us on. I guess the bad weather and this stupid cold have made me a little grumpy the last week and a bit... so spending some time looking back at my great family, my great career, my wonderful ministry, my super friends... well all of that has been very therapeutic :-)


Edmund Lau said…
I agree with everything you said about blogging. Despite all my grumblings, frustrations, complaints, etc. on my own blogs, it's good to re-read them knowing that God did pull me through all those tough times. Count your blessings, name them one by one. And you'll be surprised at what the Lord has done. :)
Edmund Lau said…
BTW, we really do have more in common that I originally thought. Did I tell you that I was a computer consultant for 10 years?

Blogging and making friends over the blogosphere is great! :)

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