My Commute to Work

In September 2006, when I told my client at Bombardier that I was leaving the computer industry to become a pastor she exclaimed very enthusiastically "You probably just added ten years to your life!"

To this day that little phrase still brings a smile to my face and warmth to my heart.

Two days ago, since it was so beautiful outside, and the fact that I had no car, I walked home from the church. And these are pictures of what my morning commute looks like.

The first picture above is the main road that I drive/walk down. In the summer time I think I see more people walking then cars!

The next two pictures are from the forest that I cut through. This is at the edge of a farmer's field, so the smells really vary throughout the year :-) I LOVE spending quiet walks in these woods in the summer and fall! It is so peaceful and quiet. I usually have some great talks with God in this forest. I love to just be still and listen to the wind, look for animals and enjoy the free air! I think as I get older I really feel closer to God being still in quiet in nature. I just stand amazed at the incredible world all around me that God created. The details and the science behind the entire creation just BLOWS me away!! God's creation is just awesome and really really does reveal his greatness!

This last picture is the park across the street from our house. I'm still in awe with the amount of snow that comes blowing from the farmer's field! If it wasn't for the the couple of thaws that we had this year I'm sure the snow would have completely covered the swing set :-)

I really am grateful for the life that we have here. Sure, some days it's incredibly stressful and I feel like pulling out what's left of my hair... but God is so good in all that he has provided our family since we moved here and started serving at Woodside.

So, if God is going to add ten years to my life, I hope it will be lived in humble and joyful service to him! And being in some beautiful country side and no more traffic jams doesn't hurt either :-)


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