Preaching Tonight... Kind Of...

In my seminary course "Intro to Preaching" I'm due to preach the first of two sermons tonight. This is kind of a weird concept... preaching a sermon to a bunch of seminary students in order to get a grade... not really what I'm used to.

I'm actually going into this like I would any other time I teach from the Bible. I'm praying that God would use this time to transform us. That he would use his words to change the lives of the students there. And if I get an "F" for not having it structured in the proper exegetical form or didn't express my homiletical idea well enough or whatever, but God uses it to change just one person, well, I'm perfectly OK with that :-)

I'm preaching from Philippians 1:19-26. God has REALLY used it in my own life over the past few weeks as I've worked on this. I'm always amazed how God brings me exactly what I need!


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