The Truth is Out There...

... but is anybody listening?

The release date for the LONG overdue X-Files movie was released today, July 25, 2008. You can read about it HERE.

I loved the X-Files TV show! It's still the bar that I use to judge every other show that I watch. Seasons 4 and 5 were by far my favorite. They were doing some awesome stuff!

For me the series quickly went down hill when they left Vancouver and move production to L.A. And that had nothing to do with being a Canadian :-) Something about it just changed... I guess it just became too Hollywood...

So now, we finally get a sequel to a pretty bad movie, what, ten years later? Does anyone at this point care what happens? And, if the truth is out there, will we actually get any more answers in a new movie or will it just be more questions upon questions. Will we get more on the alien invasion or is it just going to be a stand alone monster movie with familiar lead characters?

I would love for this to be an awesome movie... at this point I'm not all that hopeful. Unfortunately I think they painted themselves into a corner... it's hard to see how the story can continue without it turning into a version of Independence Day, with witty characters fighting back a full scale alien invasion. And who really wants to see Mulder and Scully do that??? Leave that type of movie to Will Smith. But if they go with an independent story, not following the alien invasion line, then you just end up disappointing the hard core fans, which probably is a smarter move since they may not really be your big bread and butter money makers in the theaters anyways...


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