Captain Canuck Movie

OK... this is probably one of those comic book movies that you never expected (or wanted) to see. But there is something pretty appealing (in my head anyways) about seeing this Canadian hero hitting the big screen... or maybe the direct to DVD screen... I happened to stumble on this little piece of news and thought I'd put the blurb up here for all to see.

Canada’s only superhero Captain Canuck is soon to become the star of Canada’s first action/adventure film. Based on the original comic book by Richard Comely, this feature film will turn Canada into an action-packed playground complete with an exploding CN Tower.

Personally, I'd rather see the CN Tower being turned into an alien space ship and blast off into orbit... but that's just me I guess :-) The web site about this movie can be found here... but they have no more information then what I just posted. You can also check out the official Captain Canuck website here.


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